Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Learning to say thank you in Chinese

A great article from Hiren Doshi about an Indian expat's life in China:

My encounter with China dates back to 2002 when I was based in Hong Kong and looking after business development for Infosys in the region. After months of shuttling between HK and Beijing, the time came to make a permanent move to Beijing. Unlike popular belief back in India in those days India was not that far behind China in infrastructure or development and prosperity. I had a sense of the difference between India and China and what to expect when I landed in that country for the first time. But nothing can prepare you for the full impact until you see it with your own eyes. Travelling from the airport to my residence—the experience was overwhelmingly world class. The question which puzzled me many times before haunted me again - why had we not been able to do this in India? This time the urge for finding an answer was much higher.


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