Friday, January 04, 2008

2008: A Year of Community at Expat Focus

Last year most of the effort behind the scenes at Expat Focus was directed towards extending and improving the information we have available for expats considering moving to a wide range of countries (currently there are 57 country guides available for free browsing). This year, although continuing to improve on our information, we will also be turning our focus to our other core objective, namely developing community.

What does that mean, exactly? Well, essentially the idea is to help expats help each other by bringing them together either online (for example in forums or email discussion groups) or in the real world. Existing members will already be aware of the Expat Focus forums and email group but our aim is wider than that, we also want to let expats know about the many groups out there where expatriates get together for a drink, a bite to eat, a sporting activity, a social occasion etc.

With this in mind each country guide now has its own "Expat Groups" page where these clubs or societies can be listed. If you're a member of such an organisation (no matter what size) please consider adding the group's details to the relevant page by clicking here. For an example of the kind of groups we're talking about take a look at the page for Holland:

Back next time with more on expat community issues!

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