Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Family Matters survey

Robin Pascoe of ExpatExpert.com has asked me to let everyone know about a survey she's carrying out called "Family Matters". Here's some info from Robin's site:

In honour of the 10th anniversary of ExpatExpert.com being on the Internet and available to moveable families; and, in recognition of the five years of support from the Canadian moving company AMJ Campbell International, we decided it was time to hear what moveable families feel about the kind of relocation support they are receiving, whether they are moving around the world or around the corner.

Our mission is to find answers to this question: Are you getting the relocation support you need in order to succeed as a moveable family?

There are numerous relocation surveys that examine the challenges of relocation in order to help companies and sponsoring organizations to better develop relocation policies. But, with very few exceptions, they neglect to go straight to the source—the family—for input.

Family Matters! will fill this gap by sampling only the accompanying spouse, the working partner in his/her capacity as spouse or parent, and any high school children in the family. The entire family can do this survey with lots of room provided to give us your opinions. As we are only offering one survey (instead of multiple surveys depending on where you fit in the family) do keep in mind that some questions may not apply to you. Just skip them.

In recognition of your contribution to this important exercise, after we have collected all the responses, we will be making a donation of $2.00 CDN for each survey to a very well-respected Canadian organization which helps families in Africa called The Stephen Lewis Foundation

It sounds like a very worthwhile exercise and I look forward to reading the results. For further details, and to complete the survey itself, please head over to the survey page at Robin's site!

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