Friday, April 18, 2008

The expat and the copycat

In a story which sounds as though it could have been a forgotten script for an episode of "One Foot in the Grave", an expat returning to Cyprus was shocked to find that the cat he had brought with him from London had undergone something of a transformation during the flight. The Cyprus Mail reports:

The man had gone to London on holiday and took his (live) cat with him. There, however, the cat fell ill and died, and the man wanted to bring it back to Cyprus to bury it in his garden.

As it later emerged, when the cage with the dead cat reached the Paphos airport, an employee saw the dead cat and immediately alerted his colleagues, wondering what they should do in case they were blamed for the incident.

They decided to take a stray cat from outside the airport that resembled the dead cat in colour and face. After a feline chase in the grounds of the airport and after some intense washing and grooming, they put the collar of the dead cat on the copy cat, put it in the cage and sent the cage out for the owner to receive it.

Always nice to finish the week with a Friday funny!

Take care everyone - have a great weekend.

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