Monday, September 15, 2008

Why is Asia such a challenge for expats?

Asia is both one of the most often chosen locations for expats to choose as a now home, and one of the most likely locations to see an ex-pat giving up and returning to their home country. Just why is Asia such a tough nut to crack for expats?

The primary reason why Asia is such a challenge comes from the hidden costs of living, in most Asian nations it is not possible to own land or property, expats are required to place their property into the hands of a local and this has led to many problems with individuals losing their entire wealth through making some bad decisions about who to trust. Overall, as an expat in Asia, you must be prepared to lose any capital you inject into property as you cannot even own your own home.

Secondly, Asian culture can be quite daunting, although on the face of it it appears to have many similarities to western culture, it is in fact fundamentally different at a basic level. Religion is still a major driving force throughout daily life in Asia; many westerners find it increasingly difficult to come to terms with these differences the longer they stay.

Asia can be a rewarding place in which to live, although often not a simple place Any person considering Asia as an expat location needs to do a little homework before making any drastic moves.

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