Monday, November 24, 2008

The joy of friends

by guest blogger Mac

January sees an annual event in my life, which has grown significantly over the last three years. What started as a pair of friends visiting me for a couple of weeks has now turned into a group staying for almost two months. Although it’s always good to see people from home, one of the reasons I enjoy being an ex-pat is that it allows me to live a little more low profile and keep to myself more, which is how I prefer things.

Having these friends visiting is a harrowing event sometimes, as they disrupt my life so much. They do not seem to realise that I live on a budget just like they do, and I cannot afford to take two months away from my work and play host. They also seem to expect me to become some sort of tour guide, whisking them here there and everywhere and giving them a great holiday experience.

I think next year I need to make it clear that I am an ex-pat, not a holiday maker, and that they are welcome to visit, but not to expect me to interrupt my life for them.


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