Tuesday, June 16, 2009

BBC infuriates expat audience

A storm is brewing over at the BBC website about changes made to the BBC news section, in particular the way in which UK news is served to those outside the UK. Further information and comments (scroll down to see the comments) at the following pages:




2020hindsight said...

Be sure to leave your own comment on the BBC's blog.

The changes have been made ostensibly to make it easier for people to find what they want - but it basically means that people with a non-UK IP address (which is not just people abroad) can no longer access the UK edition of the news website.Your Money is no longer accessible, getting to UK news is another click away, there's no rolling headlines for the UK news and so on.

Some 850 comments have been received so far - the vast majority overwhelmingly negative but the Beeb ain't listening ...

Anonymous said...

Indeed. Some have also commented on Rory Cellan-Jones' blog on BBC dot.life, hoping for more technical insights on this.


It has been suggested that complaints to the BBC Trust are made and local MPs are contacted.

This is a total shambles!

Graeme said...

My view: