Thursday, August 12, 2010

Household Clearances in the Sydney Suburbs

by Lesley Snell of Northern Beaches Know-How

Every six months or so somewhere in a Sydney suburb a "Household Clearance" day is happening...

On this day households are allowed to pile their grass verges (called nature strips here) with all manner of rubbish. Some households will only put out a small neat pile while others will spend the whole day trailing up and down their driveways piling up their verge until little or no grass can be seen! I actually love "chuck out" day - I take the dog on a long meandering walk and casually mooch around to see what I can find. I am currently looking for an old hanging chandelier which I can covert into a tasteful outdoor tealight holder (as seen in the "Home and Garden" Magazine March issue) but no luck so far...

Seems like I am not the only one to relish this special day ...Streets are suddenly filled with white vans trawling up and down looking for aluminum items and electrical wire that can be sold and recycled. Others are looking for old bikes to repair and the gardeners come out to salvage old pots and useful pieces of fencing.

This day also seems to bring out hoards of local kids (mine included) who will spend the day playing with old broken toys, riding down the driveways on old office chairs and making racing carts from old bits of wood.

Yes chuck out is somewhat of an event in my neighborhood!! They say you can tell a lot from what people throw here are my top ten items that I ALWAYS see in the rubbish piles...

Old barbecues
Outdoor furniture (broken and well used)
Surfboards and bodyboards (damaged)
Pool toys (noodles etc)
Kids bikes
Laundry baskets
Broken fans
Twisted wine racks.
Plasma TV boxes (great for watching sport)

Northern Beaches Lifestyle in a nutshell !!!!!!!

Meanwhile I will keep looking for my chandelier...

Lesley runs a relocation service on the Northern Beaches in Sydney. Helping families locate the schools and services they need.


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