Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Expatriate Archive Centre - Out of Africa...Asia...America...?

courtesy of The Expatriate Archive Centre

Many of you may have, at the back of your cupboards or under your bed, documents, photos, or journals about your life as an expatriate (or “knowledge migrant’’), living, working or studying far from home. Don’t let these valuable resources gather dust.
The Expatriate Archive Centre, an independent foundation since 2008, exists to collect, preserve, promote and make accessible this collection of source materials. We hold both a digital and physical collection of photos, diaries, journals and blogs all donated by the international community past and present. Is/was this you? Documents and memorabilia which are part of your ‘paper-trail’ become, with the passage of time, the evidence for interpreting expatriate life in this changing world. When you look back on your life ten or twenty years ago, can you believe how it’s changed, especially if you lived in the developing world?

Next time you turn out your cupboards, spring clean or relocate, please consider sending or notifying the Archive of any items which may help it create a historical record: old lists of what you had to take to an overseas location, photos, company guidance, that long forgotten video of the social club musical, a diary recording your emotions or feelings of homesickness, handwritten directions, letters home, school and medical adventures in the middle of the jungle, the desert or the city and particularly the story of how you and your family members dealt with all these hurdles… the Archive is interested in it and will give it a good home...

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