Thursday, January 02, 2014

Expat Experience: Gary McMurrain, Bacolod City, The Philippines

Gary McMurrain
Who are you?

My name is Gary McMurrain and I currently live in Bacolod City Philippines. I have a 27 year connection with the Philippines, with annual visits and now living here year round. Before moving to the Philippines full time, I was a Mental Health Counselor and a Law Enforcement Officer in the USA and in China, I was an English teacher. In the Philippines, I am a writer and Agriculture Specialist. I enjoy writing about the Philippines and sharing with others about the grandeur of the country. I do not see writing as a job and I always look forward to writing 2-3 articles weekly on Retiring to the Philippines. I have also written several eBooks about the Philippines and I am still working on my complete series of eBooks to help others when they retire to the Philippines.

Where, when and why did you move abroad?

Since I have lived abroad several times during my lifetime in several different Asian countries, I will focus on my permanent move to the Philippines. My wife, our son and I moved to the Bacolod City Area in 2009 and we have lived here year round ever since. My wife is from the Bacolod Area and since I also love this part of the Philippines, this is the reason we moved here. The Bacolod Area has a robust economy and it is a great location for engaging in the Agribusiness, so these aspects were also important to us. My move to the Philippines on a permanent basis fulfilled my dream that I had chased since 1986! It is now a dream come true!

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