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Expat Experiences: Argentina - Katie Metz, Necochea

Who are you?

My name is Katie Metz, and I’m a yanqui (Argentine slang for an American) from Philadelphia living in Argentina. Love brought me to the seaside city of Necochea, Argentina, where I work from home as a freelance Spanish-English translator.

I write about my musings and reflections on Argentine culture, food and current events on my blog Seashells and Sunflowers. You can also find me on Twitter:

Where, when and why did you move abroad?

I met my Argentine boyfriend (now fiancé) Daniel four years ago. After maintaining a long-distance romance for two and a half years, we finally decided that for the benefit of our relationship, one of us would need to make the leap into the unknown. For personal reasons, we decided that it would be easier for me to move to Argentina than for Daniel to move to the United States, particularly since he’s involved in his family’s business. I moved to Necochea, Argentina, a coastal city of 65,000 inhabitants in the province of Buenos Aires, Argentina, back in March 2009.

What challenges did you face during the move?

The greatest challenges I faced during the move were probably of a financial nature. I had just started up my translation business, and as with many new business ventures, it took a while to gain momentum. I was also trying to sell my home in the midst of the U.S. housing crisis, which, needless to say, proved to be difficult. In addition, as I was moving independently and not as part of an expat relocation, I had to bear all the costs of the move myself. After investigating the costs of shipping my things in boxes or a container, I determined that it made more sense to sell most of my belongings and buy what I needed in Argentina. I used Craigslist and yard sales to sell most of my furniture and other belongings, and I felt this was a successful approach.

How did you find somewhere to live?

I was spared the process of ...

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