Sunday, January 09, 2011

How Safe is India?

by J.D Viharini author of Enjoying India

In general, India is pretty safe, especially if you don't toss common sense to the winds. With the exception of a few hotspots, such as Chattisgarh and Kashmir, India is no more hazardous than most other countries in the world. In fact, you are less likely to be the target of violent crime here than in many places in the West. And in spite of all the fear-mongering about it, the odds of being caught in a terrorist attack are very small. On the other hand, there are a few safety issues you need to be aware of.
The biggest safety issue in India is actually the traffic. Indians are, for the most part, extraordinarily bad drivers, possibly the worst in the world (though most think they are pretty good). Whether you are walking, driving, riding a bicycle, etc., you need to be fully alert whenever you are out on the streets. In fact, alertness is the most important thing wherever you are when it comes to safety, both in terms of traffic and crime.

Talking on your cell phone while you are walking or driving is an invitation to trouble. There are many accidents that are cell-phone related, most of which could...

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