Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Expat Escape Tips

Global politics has always been fluid, and for those of us who have decided to live our lives in a foreign country this can bring a whole set of problems. Looking back to the situation in South Africa not so long ago, it is clear to see that as an expat, you need to make sure you are covered for every eventuality. Below are three tips to staying safe and one jump ahead of the crowd:

- Have a parachute ready, keep some reserve funds in a bank account that is not within the nation you are currently residing, this emergency fund will be your back door should the political situation turn bad in the country you are living.

- Know your embassy, make sure that you have the telephone number and address of your national embassy on you at all times, if you find yourself in trouble, do not hesitate to call them, they are there to help.

- Keep abreast of the news, not the global news, the local news. If you don't understand the language ask a local to discuss it with you. Forewarned is forearmed as they say - don't live in potentially dangerous ignorance.

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