Thursday, October 02, 2008

US Immigration - same questions over and over

by guest blogger Kirstie, USA forum moderator

Hey there! I'm Kirstie, and I'm currently sat in Tampa Bay, FL on a wet windy day as Tropical Storm Fay finally makes her way across the state (for the second time).

I'm a "newbie" to Expat Focus, and to blogging. I have spent a very interesting afternoon going through the Forums (fora?) and am amazed to see that the same questions about US immigration get asked - over and over again.

It's been over 6 years since I moved to the US from the UK, and I'm amazed that information and fact gathering is apparently still so difficult. The internet was in its infancy when I was doing it - and I was doing it on dial-up from good old BT, with a free ISP account from "Bun"! (Do they even still exist?)

There are a few comments in the forums about information being "for sale". Hmmm. I think I'll come back to that one on another day.

The problem with all this is that information about immigration is valuable. There is a lot out there, and forums like on Expat Focus are a great resource. There are a lot of very knowledgeable people who use them. There are a lot of people with a wealth of experience to share.

BUT - and this is a big but - not everyone is right. Not everyone has up-to-date information. Not everyone had a typical story.

Be aware of this, and do your research. Find reliable resources. Ask around.

Kirstie Wilson
British Business Connection

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