Monday, October 06, 2008

Working and keeping in touch when on the move

by guest blogger Mac

Last week I met a guy who works in a similar field to me, and also travels the same way. We spent an evening drinking local beer and exchanging ideas. Both of us work via the internet, both of us move around a lot, but this guy had things much better organised than me. He had managed to put together a portable office that he could carry with him all day. Personally my laptop is left in my hotel room and I am always a little concerned that it might disappear. Not so my new friend! His laptop was unobtrusively nestled in his small backpack.

He was carrying an ASUS EEE PC 1000, which is a tiny sub-notebook, with a 7 hour battery life and a solid state drive (meaning if he drops it, no problem) and no moving parts. For internet access he uses his mobile phone as a Bluetooth modem, and he has a tiny travel mouse in his pocket. His entire rig weighs less than 2 kilos. For an expat who likes to move around, yet still work, this is a great little set up, and one that I fully intend to copy as soon as I can.

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Mia said...

i think when we work overseas, need to bear in mind that everything needs to be handy! so we would not end up carrying a lot of things!:D