Sunday, October 26, 2008

What do you miss most from home?

by guest blogger Mac

Sometimes I like to draw up a list in my head of the things I miss from back home that I cannot obtain as an expat. My list includes certain foods such as roast lamb and cheddar cheese, it also includes tea - real English tea with fresh milk. I don’t miss TV in the slightest, and I don’t miss working a nine to five, all in all there doesn’t seem to be an awful lot that I do miss!

I wonder how other expats fare? I know of a few that seem to miss a lot of things, although I am sure they are exaggerating quite a bit over some of the items on their lists. Actually, I just thought of something I definitely miss, I miss not ever having to worry about not being able to find my passport! Funny how a passport becomes such a life defining thing when you are living away from your country of birth. Please take a moment to leave a comment; I would love to know some of the things that other ex-pats miss!


Anonymous said...


I miss working 9 to 5, because right now i am working as 7 to 6pm.

Anonymous said...

Even after 15 years (having sourced all the quirky british foods and downloaded all the british tv) the things I miss most (living in Sydney) are the long summer evenings of northern europe. Yes I know, I do not miss the short winter's days, but that's how memory works.

Anonymous said...


this is Toshka staying for a year in Bulgarian village near Black Sea

what do i miss? - Red Leicester cheese, cheese and onion crisps,
bacon i can fry without seeing through it, Sunday Times, Tetley tea bags and my church. I'm a Spiritualist and theres a church in every town back home. nothing doing here - so i get my fill when i'm home from time to time.

what i do NOT MISS = rain, rain, rain, minuscule garden, motorways and I love my wood-burning stove