Monday, October 13, 2008

The USA as an Expat Destination

Many expatriates do not consider the USA as a destination due to the fact they perceive it to be both expensive and often with similar features to their home nation. What these people fail to realise is that the United States of America is huge, with some states as large as or larger than many countries.

Life in the USA also varies extremely depending upon where you live. Similarly, so does the cost of living. If you are seeking good quality housing, a great lifestyle and easy assimilation into a developed western culture the USA deserves a second look.

Certainly for people who are considering leaving Europe, a move to the USA can make a lot of sense. Buying power for people with European based incomes will double on average when moving to the USA and you will not have some of the problems associated with moving to a more exotic location.

Many parts of the USA have a character all of their own, the Southern States are very different (compare New Orleans to Washington DC for example!) so instead of considering the USA overall as an area to live, do a little homework into specific areas - you may well find something to your taste.

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