Thursday, October 16, 2008

The expat survivor’s guide to Finnish winter

I noticed yesterday that the leaves have already started to fall from the trees in Amsterdam and it got me thinking about the autumn and winter ahead. Then this article caught my eye:

As you probably know, the Finnish winters can be dark, cold and seemingly endless. Do not let the previous winter’s mild weather catch you out – it is sure to get worse. Essential information on skiing, socks, reindeer and cars is provided below to give you the edge in getting through this difficult time of the year.

Skiing – Skiing is an essential part of life for your average Finn, with skis being attached to Finns as soon as practical after birth. Think very carefully, therefore, before following Finns down what they describe as nursery slopes. Either that, or proceed with caution following a discussion with your life insurer and a good swig of whiskey for courage. Extra care is needed if the Finns say that the slope meanders gently down a forest track on the side of the fell; for fell, read fall.

Socks – Socks are your best friends during the Finnish winter, and not just because they keep your toes warm. They can also provide good business opportunities. For example, have a little laugh to yourself when your British relatives fresh off the plane say that one pair of socks is plenty when snowmobiling in Lapland. The trick here is to take extra socks with you to use to extort money from your loving family when their feet turn to ice blocks about 12 seconds into the journey.

The rest of the article can be read here!

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